Past events

In this section, we present information from some of our past WSDAN events. If you want to participate in the creation of content or read more about events, contact letter writing services to have a beautiful business card.

WSDAN Roadshow - 30 June 2011

Presentations from this Roadshow are available to view by clicking the link below.

International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare

A major two-day conference that brought together speakers on telehealth and telecare from around the world.

Enabling cost-effective management of long-term conditions

A King's Fund conference that examined cost-effectiveness in mainstreaming telecare and telehealth.

WSDAN Roadshow - 30 June 2010

Programme and presentations from the 30 June 2010 WSDAN Roadshow

WSDAN Roadshow – 11 February 2010

Presentations from the 11 February 2010 WSDAN Roadshow

WSDAN Roadshow – 10 December 2009

Presentations from the 10 December 2009 WSDAN Roadshow.

WSDAN Roadshow – 10 September 2009 – interactive session results

Results from the interactive session at the WSDAN Roadshow which took place in Bristol on 10 September.

WSDAN Roadshow – 10 September 2009

Presentations from the 10 September WSDAN Roadshow

Sustaining innovations and new technologies for managing long-term conditions

Presentations from the event held on Thursday 9 July.

WSDAN Roadshow – 11 June 2009

Presentations from the 11 June WSDAN event.

WSDAN Members' Meeting – 13 May 2009

Presentations from the Members' meeting that took place on 13 May 2009.

WSDAN Roadshow – 12 March 2009

Presentations from the 12 March WSDAN Roadshow in Birmingham.

WSDAN Roadshow – 22 January 2009

Presentations from the 22 January WSDAN Roadshow.