Pictures painted by the blind - unique paintings by John Bramblett

Art elevates the soul, helps to cope with difficulties, reach new heights, and develop and realize one's dreams. This is evidenced by the life stories of many famous painters. So, Pierre Auguste Renoir suffered from rheumatoid arthritis (the disease limited his mobility so much that the man had to paint by tying a brush to his hand), and Vincent van Gogh was diagnosed with manic-depressive psychosis, epilepsy and schizophrenia. But this did not prevent them from creating wonderful masterpieces that fascinate the audience to this day. Willpower and the desire to create overcome any obstacles - and the proof of this is a blind artist working in the USA. Our article, in partnership with, will tell you about a unique master who embodies the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

John Bramblett: the story of the painter

John Bramblett was born in El Paso (Texas) in 1971. He suffered from vision problems since childhood, and at the age of 30 he became completely blind. After that, the husband began to suffer from severe depression. This is how he describes his condition during that period: "It was as if I had been thrown into the open ocean without a lifeboat ... My usual life was over - I could neither read, nor write, nor even move freely around the house."

However, John still managed to cope with his experiences. Painting helped him overcome sadness and apathy - the man expressed his emotions by drawing pictures. According to the artist, this activity gave pacification, hope and harmony, soothed and allowed to feel like a full-fledged person.

Now the works of the blind artist are valued no less than other paintings by famous contemporary artists. His exhibitions were held in more than 30 countries, and in 2008 a documentary film was even made about John. In addition, Bramblett was awarded three US presidential awards (in 2005, 2006 and 2007) for establishing a number of free workshops where he taught painting to underprivileged people. And the man also wrote the book "Shouting in the dark" (Shouting in the dark), where he talked about his creative path.

Methods and techniques - how do canvases appear?

John's works are very diverse. He likes to paint portraits and landscapes, as well as depict animals. All paintings are detailed and detailed - the master skillfully conveys the mood and character of the models, saturates his works with symbols and allegories. And the canvases of the blind artist are colorful and bright - according to Bramblitt, he still remembers the colors of the surrounding world and tries to reproduce them with the help of oil paints.

The unique style of the artist provides him with stunning success. It is unlikely that you will be able to simply buy a painting in an online store, because John's masterpieces have long been the property of museums and galleries. But how exactly does he create his creations?

The secret of the master is in a surprisingly sensitive touch. Yes, even at the very beginning of his career, the painter John Bramblett could learn the color of paint by touch. In particular, he claims that white pigment is the densest, while black is more liquid. By mixing them, the man determines the saturation of the obtained gray tone by consistency.

The artist's canvases are also prepared in a special way. They are divided in advance into separate areas - color zones. And the paint that is applied to the picture is mixed with textural additives, due to which all strokes leave behind convex traces. They make the work in relief. Bramblett also uses other methods that simplify the drawing process - for example, all the tubes in his workshop are signed in Braille.

On his website, John writes that for him art is one of the ways to communicate with other people and influence their lives. And, although pictures cannot replace food or clothes, they give a blind man something much more important - spiritual support, a connection with society, a chance to feel needed and significant. Human possibilities are truly limitless, and even the most difficult trials allow us to discover new abilities and skills. Therefore, you should never despair and give up!

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