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Wearable medical devices to top 100 million units by 2016

02.09.11 | Posted by: WSDAN

This article predicts a significant increase in the number of medical devices which will be used by 2016.

How to make telehealth more widely adopted in the NHS

01.09.11 | Posted by: WSDAN

This debate explores ways in which the adoption of telehealth can be increased.

DH keen to press ahead with telehealth, says adviser

31.08.11 | Posted by: WSDAN

The Whole System Demonstrator pilot results are expected to be available in November.

Innovative web portal – Royal Free Hospital – personalised web services for breast cancer

30.08.11 | Posted by: WSDAN

The Royal Free Hospital in London has launched a portal for patients with breast cancer, allowing access to information and resources.

Triple COPD therapy reduces risk of death by 35%

29.08.11 | Posted by: WSDAN

Research in the UK has found that 'triple therapy' for COPD led to reductions in morbidity, hospital admissions and exacerbations.

'Electronic skin' could be used to heal wounds

26.08.11 | Posted by: WSDAN

Researchers are developing a patch of 'skin' that could be used to help heal wounds, as well as monitoring vital signs.

Evaluation of the impact of telemonitoring in patients with long-term conditions and social care needs: WSD trial protocol

25.08.11 | Posted by: WSDAN

This WSD trial protocol relates to the impact of telemonitoring in patients with long term conditions.

Andrew Lansley calls for healthcare apps

24.08.11 | Posted by: WSDAN

The Health Secretary has recognised the potential importance of mobile phone apps in helping patients to make informed care-related decisions.

Southampton docs develop infection app

23.08.11 | Posted by: WSDAN

A new mobile phone app has been developed by doctors at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The app will assist doctors in matching appropriate antibiotics to particular infections.

Cluster-randomized trial of a mobile phone personalized behavioural intervention for blood glucose control

22.08.11 | Posted by: WSDAN

Researchers found that a mobile phone coaching intervention helped reduce haemoglobin levels in patients with diabetes.

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