WSDAN Progress

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WSDAN Roadshow 30 June 2010 - round-up of presentations

A round-up of presentations from WSDAN's 30 June 2010 Roadshow

Key learning points from the WSD Trial

A reflection on key learning points from the WSD Trial so far

WSDAN Progress: Sustaining innovation in telehealth and telecare

A preview of the forthcoming WSDAN briefing paper on sustaining innovation.

WSDAN Progress: An integrated approach to the delivery of telecare and telehealth in Norfolk

This article reports on a presentation delivered by Wendy Hardicker at WSDAN's February 2010 Roadshow.

WSDAN Progress: WSDAN Roadshow February 2010

A report on the February 2010 WSDAN Roadshow.

WSDAN Progress: WSDAN Roadshow

An update on WSDAN for February 2010.

WSDAN Progress: Members' meeting, and WSDAN news items

This WSDAN Progress reviews a recent members' meeting, and draws readers' attention to the news items section of the website.

WSDAN Progress: a review of the September 2009 Roadshow

This piece reviews the WSDAN Roadshow which took place in Bristol on 10 September.

WSDAN Progress: Sustaining Innovations conference report, and founding of WSD Evidence Review Group

A report on the 9 July Sustaining Innovations Conference, and the founding of the WSD's evidence review group

WSDAN Progress: Telecare and Telehealth in Nottingham

This article is based on the Nottingham members' presentation at the WSDAN Roadshow on 11 June 2009, and details progress on telecare and telehealth in the region.

WSDAN Progress: Telecare in Leeds

This article is based on the Leeds members' presentation at the WSDAN Roadshow on 11 June 2009, and details telecare progress in the region.

WSDAN 'One Year On'

This progress report looks back over WSDAN's first year, and forward to the next.

Launch of the WSDAN evidence database

The WSDAN evidence database is a searchable online directory that brings together published and unpublished materials related to the impact and evidence of telehealth and telecare in the management of people with long-term conditions.

Events focus: the activities and progress in Demonstrator and WSDAN sites

A round-up of activities and progress in Pilot and WSDAN sites.

The telecare and telehealth innovations of the 12 WSDAN member sites

A ‘pen picture’ of the telehealth/telecare innovations being developed within each of the 12 member sites in the management of people with long term conditions.

Action research underway in WSDAN member sites

Since the inaugural meeting of the WSDAN membership - held in October last year - the WSDAN team have been busy initiating a programme of ‘action research’.

Inaugural meeting of WSDAN membership

The WSDAN membership has now been finalised and the twelve sites attended the first meeting in October.

WSDAN launched by Ivan Lewis MP

On 9 July 2008, WSDAN was launched to a packed audience at The King’s Fund by Care Minister, Ivan Lewis MP.