Inaugural meeting of WSDAN membership

Nick Goodwin

The WSDAN membership has now been finalised and comprises the following organisations:

  • Barnsley PCT and Barnsley MBC
  • Birmingham East and North PCT and Birmingham City Council
  • Croydon PCT, Croydon Council, Croydon Voluntary Action and South London and Maudsley NHS Trust
  • East Riding of Yorkshire PCT and East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • Hull Teaching PCT and Hull City Council
  • Lancashire County Council and Central Lancashire PCT
  • Leeds  PCT and Leeds City Council
  • Leicester City PCT and Leicester City Council
  • Lincolnshire  Teaching PCT and Lincolnshire County Council
  • Norfolk Social Services and NHS Norfolk
  • Nottingham City PCT, Nottingham City Council and Brunel University
  • Southampton City PCT and Southampton County Council

The inaugural meeting of the WSDAN membership was hosted at The King’s Fund on 9 October 2008. The event included presentations from nine of the twelve members who outlined the telecare and telehealth innovations being undertaken in their sites and the key challenges and successes faced to date. An expert seminar was led by Professor Stan Newman (principal investigator of the WSD pilot evaluation team) to discuss the nature of the investigation, its themes, and the evaluation methodology.

Site visits to each of the twelve member sites are now being undertaken to establish the baseline information on the telecare and telehealth innovations being developed.

In other news, Susan Royer was appointed and warmly welcomed as WSDAN Network Co-ordinator in mid-September

Nick Goodwin is a Senior Fellow at the King’s Fund and co-project lead for WSDAN