From the DH: Pilots update

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If among the updates that you can find below you couldn't find those that will be interesting or relevant to you, please refer to if your request is write my nursing paper for me or something. We regularly post updates from the Department of Health on the WSD Pilot Programme.

December 2010: WSD Programme Update

An update from Tim Ellis, WSD Programme Manager

June 2010: Self-care and Whole System Demonstrator Conference

Cornwall hosts a conference on self-care and the WSD.

WSD Pilot Update for May 2010

Newham case study videos are available for viewing.

March 2010: WSD Programme update

An update on the WSD programme, including answers to some frequently asked questions

February 2010: WSD Programme update

An update on the WSD Programme.

The importance of communications on the Newham WSD Trial

An update on Communications at the Newham WSD.

December 2009: WSD Pilot Update: Newham

An update from the Newham pilot site.

Programme update and Cornwall WSD update

This piece updates on the main WSD programme, and the Cornwall trial.

Understanding why people do not wish to be involved in the WSD trial

This article provides a first look at the WSD trial non-starters and leavers.

June 2009: WSD Pilot Update: Cornwall

Cornwall adopted the 'Managing Successful Programmes' approach to ensure that the demonstrator programme was well organised with good project management. This piece provides an update on Cornwall WSD's experience to date.

March 2009: Mainstreaming telehealth and telecare

This page reports on similarities, differences and lessons from the WSD trial in the three pilot sites.

January 2009: Expecting the unexpected - issues influencing the roll-out of telehealth and telecare in the WSD Pilots

At the first of eight regional events hosted by WSDAN on 22 January 2009, Tim Ellis (WSD Programme Manager, Department of Health) and Martin Scarfe (WSD Director, London Borough of Newham) reported on the progress of ‘scaling-up’ the implementation of telehealth and telecare.

November 2008 update: setting up the pilots

The recent Telecare Services Association’s conference in Brighton (November 2008) was an excellent opportunity to update over 600 people on the progress of the Whole System Demonstrator programme in Cornwall, Kent and Newham and introduce the 12 further sites that make up the WSD action network.

September 2008: Designing and implementing the evaluation of the WSD pilots

Establishing the WSD pilot programme, which we believe to be the largest randomised control trial of telehealth and telecare in the world, has been a complex and challenging task.