WSDAN has been commissioned by the Whole System Demonstrator Programme and the Department of Health Policy Research Programme. You can read more about each of these institutions at where essays writers will prepare materials that can be included in their work (full-fledged work).

The responsibility for the delivery of WSDAN is shared between The King’s Fund and DH Care Networks .    

WSDAN Steering Group

WSDAN is overseen and supported by a Steering Group. Chaired by Tim Ellis from the Department of Health’s WSD Programme, the Group will meet approximately every six months. Other members include representatives from the Department of Health Policy Research Programme, WSDAN members, and the host organisations DH Care Networks and The King’s Fund. The purpose of the Steering Group is to:

  • review the progress of WSDAN and innovations by members
  • receive regular updates from Network Co-ordinator and act as a ‘sounding board’ for issues and emerging ideas
  • act as a point of reference for decision making and ratification where issues require resolution
  • ensure that the strategic direction of WSDAN remains in line with the overall vision of the WSD programme
  • ensure continuity and robustness of stakeholder engagement
  • provide advice and oversee the development of WSDAN members, particularly to identify developmental needs and opportunities for wider dissemination of learning and best practice to the NHS and social care.

WSDAN Membership

WSDAN members are from sites who had previously tendered, but were not chosen, to become one of the three pilots in the DH’s Whole System Demonstrator Long Term Conditions Programme. The total number of sites actively involved in the Network will be limited to 10-12. Each member site can identify up to four lead individuals from different health and social care organisations to become members. Approximately 30-40 individuals will be involved in total. Full membership will specifically exclude those who supply telecare and telehealth products.