Tips for blondes: how to correctly combine accessories and hair color

"Jewelry is the thing that can turn a woman into a woman," said the great Coco Chanel. And, no doubt, she was right. After all, it is the accessories that help complete, and in some cases, create an original and attractive image from scratch. They emphasize your merits, focus attention on certain details, add a "highlight" to the image, allow you to look bright, elegant, romantic or luxurious. At, we understand the transformative power of exquisite jewelry. Our curated collection offers a stunning array of handcrafted pieces, each designed to complement your unique style and enhance your natural beauty. 

But it is not enough to put on the best necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings - they need to look appropriate and go well with each other. Modern jewelers offer many different products that differ in style, materials, color, and proportions. Therefore, sometimes the search for a suitable decoration can really be confusing - because an incorrectly selected accessory will not only destroy your carefully created ensemble but also cause disapproval from those around you.

However, this does not mean that you should give up jewelry. There are special secrets and tricks that facilitate the creation of a single and complete image. And the most important of them are the rules for choosing jewelry according to hair color. This article will introduce you to them.

Accessories for blondes - principles and subtleties of choice

White-haired beauties are distinguished by exceptional beauty and charm. Their elegant, unobtrusive and bright appearance fascinates and attracts, evokes associations with ephemerality, purity, kindness. As a rule, such women look sublime, delicate and feminine. That is why it is quite difficult to find suitable jewelry for blondes. But their thoughtful, fashionable and attractive image will always cause well-deserved delight and compliments from others.

Slender and fragile girls with fair hair will suit the face of products made in a deliberately primitive and rough style. What would look too aggressive on other women, will give the blonde a spectacular, stylish and original look. They will also suit things with a luxurious design - pendant earrings, patterned bracelets, multi-row necklaces. Intricate and whimsical ornaments on jewelry will shine and shimmer, complementing golden hair. But still, such products should not be worn to work - leave them for a party or a walk. Optimal accessories for the office will be miniature earrings, a modest pendant, a narrow bracelet or a ring.

Fair-haired ladies should remember that all jewelry should be combined not only with the shade of their hair, but also with the color of the eyes, as well as with the skin tone. And especially in order to facilitate the selection of clothes and accessories, color types were invented - the most frequent combinations of the above signs.

There are two main types of blondes - "cold" and "warm". The first ones are characterized by fair skin, blue or light gray eyes, and their strands are cast in a platinum or ash tone. "Warm" girls have brown or green eyes, skin with a peach tint and light blond, wheat hair. What should different types be guided by when choosing jewelry for a dress, office suit, and casual outfit? Read about it below.

Accessories for blondes

The "cold" type of appearance will look most impressive in the frame of light, shiny metals and the same precious stones. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to jewelry made of platinum, rhodium, and silver. And if transparent or gray gems are inserted into such a frame, you will look simply incomparable! You don't need to be afraid that minerals of similar shades will look boring or too dull - on the contrary, they will perfectly complement aristocratically pale, porcelain skin and blond hair. Classic accessories for blondes are also a pearl necklace, as well as creations with mother-of-pearl inserts.

How to choose jewelry? Jewelry with zircons are suitable for everyday wear - they will add unobtrusive elegance to your image. And if there is to be a solemn event - wear moonstone earrings. Mysteriously shimmering gems will make your eyes surprisingly deep, mysterious and charming.

By the way, earrings are a very important element of an outfit. If they are chosen correctly, the irises "light up", begin to shine. For example, silver and aquamarine products are suitable for blue-eyed blondes, and for girls with gray eyes - jewelry with inserts made of rock crystal, calcite, chalcedony. Gray-green eyes will become more expressive when you wear an accessory with a stone similar in tone - green amber, malachite, chrysolite.

However, you don't need to worry too much about how to choose jewelry according to the color "tone on tone". You will look much more interesting if the color of the jewelry echoes or contrasts with your color type. But in this case, you need to carefully analyze all combinations. Yes, the turquoise necklace is too bright - they will steal the gentle and delicate appearance of the blue-eyed blonde, looking too noticeable and even vulgar. But slightly sparkling, iridescent gems of cold shades will come in handy. Such minerals include beryls, tourmalines, sapphires, light amber, and spinel.

How to choose jewelry for "warm" blondes?

With "warm" skin and hair, gold, bronze, aurihalk (also known as brass) are ideally combined. Precious stones should shimmer in similar tones. For example, a win-win option would be natural amber in golden, saffron, brown and orange tones. Heliodors (one of the subspecies of beryls), yellow cat's eye, opals, olivine, citrines are also suitable.

Choosing jewelry for blondes with bright eyes can be more daring. Yes, green-eyed beauties should try on chrysolite earrings and necklaces - their rich color, reminiscent of the first spring shoots, will add originality and immediacy to the appearance. Brown-eyed girls can wear things with red and purple gems - garnet, tiger's eye, smoky quartz. In addition, ruby, carnelian, coral rings and bracelets will suit them. But be careful - too much red tone can draw all attention to yourself, making the skin pale and dull.

Choosing jewelry for fair hair is an exciting and creative activity that allows you to develop aesthetic taste, creativity, and a sense of style. By combining accessories, choosing matching tones, precious stones and metals, you can create an attractive, unique and unique image. And our TM "Yantar Polissya" online store will gladly help you in this, offering designer jewelry made of natural materials. Rings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces or earrings - here you will find products in any style, always beautiful, impressive and of high quality.