WSDAN Evidence Database

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This online database brings together published materials related to the impact and evidence of telehealth and telecare. It has been specifically designed to enable people to reach and understand appropriate and relevant evidence at the touch of a button. The database is updated on a quarterly basis.

How to use the database

The database can be searched using your own search terms, but we recommend using a combination of the selections in the three drop-down boxes:

Click on the above links for an explanation of these terms and more information on what is included in the database.

Submit evidence

We would welcome submissions to us of published or unpublished evidence that you believe is missing from this database and should be considered for inclusion. Please submit this evidence by emailing quoting ‘EVIDENCE’ in the subject field.

Other Resources

Not found what you’re looking for? Visit our resources page to access and search for a wealth of information on the latest articles and publications on telehealth, telecare and telemedicine.